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A Mother’s Love


A mothers responsibility far surpasses any responsibility you can name.

More important than a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company? Yes. More important than the work of Priests, Pastors and Ministers? Absolutely. More important than Psychologists and Scientists? Yes.

More important than the President of the United States?

You’d better believe it.

A mother is the first contact with life. Through her all bloodlines are syphoned.

The tunnel you traveled though to get into this world could have been coated with loving strokes, gentle words, uplifting thoughts, regular doctors care, positive vibes or tainted by cigarettes, alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, harsh words, and an overall rejection of your life before you ever inhaled the first blast of earths atmosphere.

Although you stem from the survival of your father’s fittest gene, and his importance and imperativeness in your life can not be denied nor held in comparison, it is your mother you are literally attached to and dependent on from the moment of conception.

You eat what she eats, you drink what she drinks, her body is your temple and by her actions and hers alone, you will come out the gate a survivor or failure.

Following your journey to this strange land; in your developmental stage it is her milk which strengthens you, her arms which comfort you and most assuredly her voice which guides you.

You look to her for protection and she commands the power to dictate what you feel before you know what feelings are.

Mothers do more than put people into the world, they craft human beings.

A Mother’s love or lack thereof, determines which child will become a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, A Priest, Pastor, Minister, Psychologist, Scientist, President of the United States, or criminal.

We, the children, are mere lumps of wet clay sculpted to fruition by the grace of a mother’s hands.

We, the children are empty harddrives who take in early information received from maternal instincts in order to compute a reality in which we will reside.

A Mother is the foundation for all of humanity.

That is too much power for woman to have.

So I say to the mother’s: seek counsel from the elders, accept training to develop and hone the skills necessary to produce a worthy flock. Look inside your own heart absorbing and accepting, with honor, dignity and integrity, the enormity of your task.

To wear the crown of mother is to reject then correct the sins of woman.

We, the Mother’s, have a distinct and detailed direction now and can not afford to travel outside of our destination.

All that our children believe they, or another person should be, they will learn from watching and listening to us.

In a world that thrives on perfection, it is ironic that our power is in the truth of our imperfections.

The scraps of what falls from our tongue will be used to build a nation. The choice is solely ours. We can choose to build upon lies, bitterness and deception or hope, reality and determination.

For these reasons, I pray thee God (swt) our actions may be honest and trustworthy. That we not hide nor flaunt our flaws. That we afford our children the tools to decipher their’s or another person’s intentions, the backbone to determine what is needed, and the heart to cultivate a return on our investment, which must reciprocate for the sake of reciprocity.

We, the Mother’s, paint directly on the canvas of our children’s lives.

During this forced celebration I admonish us to reflect on the pictures we have framed and matted in the minds of our children; for they are a direct result of our rough drafts, edits, scribbles and sketches.

If you are satisfied with your work of art then seal it with a glossy resolve; but if it is even slightly askew, smudged by your selfishness or shattered by your ignorance; start over because it is never too late to paint a new picture.

That is the privledge allotted a mother’s love.

The cipher rolls on…


About The "SoKey" Experience

Each morning I wake I pour myself into a goblet, slowly inhaling the scent of my own faults, swirling them around the glass, allowing them to breath, then I sip, allowing my own inconsistencies to soak my tongue before swallowing. If I am tipsy from my own frailties - I'm less likely to become drunk on yours. -SoKey (introspection)


3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. A quite brilliant assessment of the status
    of mothers. Their importance can, unfortunately, be underrated. You have allotted them their true significance as
    human beings – in a true perspective.


    Posted by Ken W. Simpson | May 13, 2012, 7:14 pm


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