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She sits alone trying to find peace of mind, she tends to her children or her business in bits and pieces because he keeps tearing into her.

He shatters her calm when she’s with him.

He’s selfish.

He wants answers to empty questions, to keep her off balance with a barrage of his insecurities; filling each moment with conjecture and accusations because he is afraid of thunderous silence.

His fear is not the truth of his inadequacies becoming revealed; it is the thought of having to address them.

Men who mentally abuse women are cowards who fear rejection so they use it as a weapon creating massive destruction inside our communities.

We are co-conspirators.

Because you haven’t raised your hand in anger society has allowed you to slither unchecked into the minds of your wives, girlfriends and children.

We’ve protected your charming demeanor and praised your valiant efforts to work with the weakness of your shy, withdrawn wives or gullible girlfriends.

“How patient he must be!”

The patient is she.


The one sitting alone trying to find peace of mind,  tending to her children or her business in bits and pieces because he keeps tearing into her.

It is for every “her” I say this prayer:


Let her find a quiet moment to sort through the landminds he’s planted in her mind so the truth of her worth can detonate and explode into action. Let her find satisfaction within and strength without


About The "SoKey" Experience

Each morning I wake I pour myself into a goblet, slowly inhaling the scent of my own faults, swirling them around the glass, allowing them to breath, then I sip, allowing my own inconsistencies to soak my tongue before swallowing. If I am tipsy from my own frailties - I'm less likely to become drunk on yours. -SoKey (introspection)


2 thoughts on “Self-ish

  1. I often wonder, in the wake of the Ray Rice infamy, how much good will come from the destruction of a so-called, good man. Will we hear more about abuse in general? Will we uncover the hidden victims in time for them to heal? How many voices will be silent, unable to respond due to their own unending, demoralizing, treatment by their “lover”?

    You cover a largely ignored section of the abused. They would be happy knowing their silence is heard by you… and now others.


    Posted by Thomas Welcomer | September 10, 2014, 5:10 pm


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