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Free Form / Free Thought

Free Form/Free Thought: This is how it unfolded, no pauses, no edits, just pure emotion. Maybe I’ll go back and polish; but I like when my brain is wicked cleared in one rush like this:

There’s a torrential down pour of a poor impoverished mentality, a fatality of poverty driven reigns of emotion, range of emulsion; rage is compulsion to compound hate with ego, we go down the rabbit hole knowing not the depth, embracing death, dealing grief by imagined beef and I wanna know the sources which forces blunt trauma intermingled in drama short straws drawn, fingers trace embittered battles erasing a race of mirror faced reflections, directions debased strapped out and tapped out signing SOS, sounds of sorrow in slow singing and flower bringing tomorrow’s headlines; another lifeline flatlined without knowing or showing flowing fluctuations, this nation is raising raisins in the Son, dreams deferred, aged and dried youth; died young, another morbid song sung, makeshift memorials hung on street corners, chalk outlines out lie, drawn and quartered, dropping dimes for elite mourners, po po on a sojourn for the truth but it’s just us because the American way is a fairy tale; wary sale sold as reality, an abnormality to deflect the banality of personalities refusal to honor the commonality of your own nationality, hatred of self, degraded of wealth, violated of health, weighted, sedated, and wasted, you wanna be different so badly you can taste it. You let them take our culture and rape it then stick a needle in YOUR norm and celebrate it, nose gone, tone gone, form gone, forlorn, this piece should have you forewarned. Arm your mind with truth, our reality is brutal. Yes the world is a stressed out teacher but you don’t have to be a failed pupil. Hone your scruples.


About The "SoKey" Experience

Each morning I wake I pour myself into a goblet, slowly inhaling the scent of my own faults, swirling them around the glass, allowing them to breath, then I sip, allowing my own inconsistencies to soak my tongue before swallowing. If I am tipsy from my own frailties - I'm less likely to become drunk on yours. -SoKey (introspection)


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