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Philly Commute_The Soccer

I began sharing my commute stories on Facebook and I promised I would transfer them to my blog in order to reach a broader audience. Some are funny, some sad, some profound. Most are the inner workings of a woman’s head as she experiences just another day in the life of a Philly Commuter. I hope you enjoy (and that these stories make you pay your car note on time!)

I left the house this morning to catch the train. Got off at my stop to wait for the bus. I could smell fresh eggs cooking from a nearby food truck. 

I’ve been in Philly 4 years, I always take this bus and I always see the food truck; but I’ve never eaten there. 

I had 20 minutes to kill so I figured I’d go on and grab a grilled egg and cheese. 

The man in the truck was making a hoagie for three ladies. They were stern, he was stern. 

They had a slight disagreement about American cheese because apparently Provolone is standard and you must request American cheese. 

He completed their order and I stepped up and asked for a “grilled steak, egg and cheese” 

He looked at me frustrated “lady you wanna grill or sand which, you wanna roll or bread?” 

I realized the half azzed order I gave and said “oh! Sorry! Um grilled cheese on regular bread” 

He said “you mean toasted right?” 

I’m thinking “this isn’t going well” “yes, I say, toasted.” 

“White or Wheat bread?” He asked. 

“Wheat….no….White!” I replied. 

“Whatsthematta” he said “you no like to eat the brown, whatta you? Racist?” 

It took me by surprise and I laughed. 

Now those of you who know me, know when I laugh, I laugh. I’m not a demure gentle giggler. 

He smiled then and told me “I likeah you, the people they come here, they no laugh, you listen, I startle you and you know the difference between the joke and the serious, that’s good, you good.” 

He was heating the griddle and cooking while talking to me. 

“You want toasted so you work near?” 

I said “no, I’m waiting on the bus.” 

He said “you sure you want toasted? The people they want then leave and run when the bus come.” 

I said “no, I checked to see if I had time before I walked over. I have 20 minutes until my bus comes. I wouldn’t have walked over if I didn’t have time, I really wouldn’t have asked for something hot.” 

He turned to me and said “I like you, you use the brain for thinking and the heart to laugh. That’s good. The people they smell food and say I’m hungry and come and I cook and they run because they no think.” 

We had a pleasant conversation about American Football versus “the real football you Americans call Soccer.”

“You know the Americans are the only people who call the World Cup “Soccer” everywhere else in the world it’s Football, you need the brains and the athletes to be a soccer, to be football you just need to be a big.” 

I asked him if he were out in the extreme cold and he told me he works “always” “but you text my dummy phone on the bus and ask if I make for you and boom its here when you get off the bus. 

If I answer ‘thank you’ then I am here, I busy, no text me book, just order, if you get no thank you then I no here. Is good no?” 

I took his number down, he didn’t ask for mine because Mr. Papalapoulous is about his business. 
People will generally give you back what you put out. 

That “stern” food truck cook has a great personality and lives a rich life. He had jewels of lessons and all I had to do was laugh at a corny joke. 

Some of y’all spend a great deal of time avoiding “corny” ish. Suit yourself. I prefer the exploration of possibilities to enrich my life. 

If even for a 15 minute stop in my day.

Philly Commute 12/5/15


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Each morning I wake I pour myself into a goblet, slowly inhaling the scent of my own faults, swirling them around the glass, allowing them to breath, then I sip, allowing my own inconsistencies to soak my tongue before swallowing. If I am tipsy from my own frailties - I'm less likely to become drunk on yours. -SoKey (introspection)


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  1. Loved it!


    Posted by Anonymous | January 12, 2017, 3:15 pm

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