Heal THY Heart

Teary Eye of the Storm

This blog started because I needed to work through the worst period of my life. I’d shut down with grief and I couldn’t function. I couldn’t move, breathe, think, be. When I write – I let it all fall down. It’s how I am able to stand. Strong.


Reflections: A eulogy for my fiancé and his sister.

For Charles & Sandy: The speech I gave at the YWCA Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil.

Homeward Bound: Most possibly the realest piece I’ve ever written.

Life After Death & Other Rudimentary Sentiments: The journey forward.

Fly Robin Fly: My Charles was a pilot. He loved flying. This was my thank you/love letter to him following his funeral. (video)

charles stewart

New Norms: Another speech given to friends and family who were coping with losing someone to an act of violence. I believe I will always be an advocate/activist.

My conversation with Supreme. The man who killed Charles & Sandy. My friend.

3: Written on the 3rd Anniversary of his death.

Iya Photo PoetryMy journey to a healthy heart (Heal THY Heart) continues. I’ll share a secret with you, I still think of Charles nearly every day. We have over twenty years of memories that have permeated my life. I don’t know if I will ever completely heal; but I’m making great strides. I’ve accepted my “new norms” and the writing process has served me well.

I hope you’ll hang in here with me to see how the story continues to unfold. Something tells me we’ll both be surprised. – Iya “SoKey” Isoke



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