kNOw Beloved

kNOw Beloved

Thoughts after reading about the very young brother who allegedly discarded his “girlfriend” in a dumpster 

kNOw Beloved This poem was written after I watched a news report about a young man who got into a fight with his girlfriend. He beat her then, believing he had killed her, he wrapped her in a blanket and threw her body into a dumpster. She survived. I remember staring at the television, in tears, wondering how a young person develops the mentality that people are refuse. What was he taught? Where were his life skills? Is this how our children being taught to resolve conflict? Why don’t they SEE life? Life beyond their immediate sight? I have no instant answers so to purge and transfer – I must write

With your unanchored skewed perception

You can not understand the celebratory depth of her conception,

How her birth offered wonder and discovery to affectionate hands

as they stroked her apparent invisibility; you forfeited the ability to understand

she is someone’s precious moment,

Attached to a collective care

shared by spirits of the ancestors, she is majestic and loved,

She is honored.

kNOw Beloved

Her essence you sought to ensnare to supplement your own bitter heartbeat habits

A watershed relationship wreck you sank her with Titanic tactics

kNOw Beloved

Her smiles, laughs and memories do not belong to you;

you had but a lease on her time,

The mortgage to her heart belongs in the hands of her Creator

divided between two ,who became one to fertilize her to fruition,

a tuition to high for your school of thought.

You peer into her face with man made myopic distortions morphing her truth

into your lies –raised inside a dreadful cave, where darkness rules your days

wrapping “I love you” into a weapon then battering her with the phrase.

You praise yourself,

fancy yourself as an indulgent man;

can easily weave

a tapestry

of reasons why she should be honored

by your constant dishonor

and repulse,

“love” you alienate and avulse

You are a boy who does not walk with God,

but with impulse.

Caught up in anguish and perceived loss

you choose to “lose” your cool

Forgetting she is someone’s element universal,

Her smiles, laughs and memories do not belong to you,

kNOw Beloved

We do not support placating a misplaced male ego

Or administering brain damaging deluges disguised as trust –

You trussed

You thrust her once celebrated birth into the hands of near death

Stolen breath, body beaten, chastity charred

She’ll never run carefree in the spirit of her own yard

Simply because you found dealing with your own personal demons

too damn hard,

kNOw Beloved

She was never your property to discard.

(And to my young sister who survived)

Fret not young beauty, it is our duty to gather you, reassemble and love you and those profoundly affected from the insanity of the dejected. This community will abound with love. Expect it.

 Iya Isoke © 12-22-10




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