Son of Mine – On Your Birthday

You and just left a few hours
ago. You were picking up your daughter who spent the week with me, your big
sister and baby brother. It was the first time I’d laid eyes on you since your
wedding last week.

Your wedding.

It still sounds unfamiliar to my
ears. I’ve had a little over a week to adjust to the fact that my eldest son
has a wife and daughter with a son of his own along the way.

Many would think “he’s so young”
but you and I know your soul is old enough to collect social security. You’ve
been a responsible adult ever since you were a little boy. From your first
relationship to your wife, I’ve watched you go through life with the mind of a
man. Even when you didn’t fully comprehend how you were the way you are. Even
in your mistakes as a teen, in your fears as a human in being, your manhood
would shine through.

I’ve always admired your tenacity
Brian. You’ve built a life around overcoming obstacles, striving to do the
right thing even if it meant someone’s feelings would be sacrificed. You handle
the sacrifice with a strong sense of morality.  That is a function of manhood which most men
today cannot grasp.

I want you to know how much I
love the person you are. We know there have been things we’ve dealt with, your
life “aint been no crystal stair”  for me
it’s not what you’ve done, it’s always been, how you’ve done it. You are such a
good person. A caring man. A thinking man. A serious man.

You’ve overcome dyslexia to graduate high school;
I watched you study and read, and reread, and ask and get it done.  When you and Jamiliah were “just friends” and
you were dating someone else – I will always admire how you respectfully
handled the girl you were dating when you realized Jamiliah was the one for
you.  Years later, when you told me the
two of you were expecting you didn’t hesitate or stutter. You just came out
with it and I heard the “man up” in your voice.

When you were on the cusp of
becoming a teen I remember you saying to me “I don’t like lying, it upsets my
stomach and I don’t like that, it just doesn’t seem worth it.” You’ve always
found a way to get at the truth and I know you are one of the most trustworthy
men I know.

One  of the hardest things you had to do was to
tell me and Lisa that it was only going to be you & Jamiliah in the
birthing room, but you manned up and told two very strong willed women “no this
is my moment with my woman and my child” I knew then that you would be
okay.  You watched that beautiful little
girl come into this world and you haven’t left her side since.

You are on your way to being the
epitome of what a father should be.

On your wedding day you were
nervous, but in control and the look in your eyes when you took your vows is
one that will ensure this family will always love and respect your wife, simply
because you love and respect her.

When you are sworn in to the Army
next week we will be standing there to share in yet another honor and milestone
in your life.

When you left today you had “grown
man” swag in your step. I knew in my heart that my job raising you has ended,
my role of guiding elder has expanded to your wife and children, but you, my remarkable
son are unmistakably the head of your family.

You are wearing many hats now; father,
husband, brother, friend, soldier & son. This mother’s heart is filled with
happiness for you, and on your birthday I want you to know that I could not
possibly be more proud of the better man you are becoming with each passing

Happy Birthday son of mine.

Love, Hugs, Kisses



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